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Bald Hills House

This meticulously crafted build showcases a high-spec dwelling designed for optimal comfort and sustainability. Featuring double-skin fully insulated walls, roof, and floor, along with double glazing, the structure ensures exceptional insulation throughout the year. In winter, warmth emanates from wood-fired hydronic heating installed in every room, while in summer, the design capitalizes on the cool alpine breeze, ensuring a naturally cool interior.


The house boasts five Queen bedrooms and two bathrooms, each offering stunning views of the surrounding bushland and adorned with beautiful natural hardwood floors. The master bathroom boasts a full-sized bathtub and shower, while the second bathroom is equally spacious, featuring a sandstone-lined shower.


At the Bald Hills House, environmental protection is a top priority. Our commitment is evident through various sustainable features:

  • Self-sufficient water system

  • 5+ star energy rating

  • Substantial solar power system

  • Predominantly storm-felled timber used in construction

  • Firewood collected from the grounds for heating

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Exclusive use of non-chemically treated timber

  • Minimal use of man-made materials in construction

By incorporating these eco-friendly elements into our design and operations, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while providing guests with a luxurious and sustainable retreat experience.


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