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Bald Hills House

This build was designed with high spec dwelling that includes double skin fully insulated walls, roof, and floor with double glazing. The building remains very warm in the winter months by way of wood-fired hydronic heating in every room and is designed to cool in the summer by way of utilizing the cool, night time alpine breeze. 


The house has five Queen bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each bedroom has breathtaking views of the surrounding bushland and beautiful natural hardwood floors.  The master bathroom features a full-sized bathtub and shower. The second bathroom is equally spacious and features a sandstone lined shower. 

We take environmental protection seriously.

- self-sufficient water system

- 5+ star energy rating

- substantial solar power system

- predominantly storm felled timber used in construction

- firewood is collected from the grounds

- energy-efficient LED lighting

- no chemically treated timber 

- minimal man made material used in construction

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